Kaka & Sing (HK) Pre-Wedding Photo Shooting in Venice

Pre Wedding Photography Venice
We are a couple from Hong Kong and we planned to take pre-wedding photo when travelling to Venice. Before going to Europe, my fiancee has reviewed lots of local photographers in Italy and we are definitely excited and attracted by those master-pieces taken by Domenico. The style, color and quality of his master-pieces are exactly what we want. Thus, we decided to take our pre-wedding photo with Domenico. Unexpectedly, Domenico is more than a professional photographer as he is even like a friend. He does not only exercise his profession but also acts as a friend. We talked so much and we truly had great time there. Those 4 hour time with Domenico and his wife in Venice is just awesome and unforgettable and those great moments will always be kept inside our hearts. What's more ! The photos taken by Domenico just simply make us feel greatly satisfied and we are so delighted as we see the photos! His service is simply professional! Grazie!

Venice, Veneto, Italy. International Professional Wedding Photographer for Pre Weddings in Venice, i'm at your disposal if you are looking a wedding photographer available for this area.
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